Paris, Monkeys, Midgets and Goats. Oh My.

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Paris Hilton celebrated her 26th birthday in Las Vegas last Saturday, where she partied with the Hollywood A-list and her best friend, Nicole Richie. At least that’s how she imagined it in her mind. In reality, it was her sister, Nicky, and some other random people because everybody she invited didn’t show up. Despite announcing to the crowd that Nicole Richie was “on her way,” Richie never showed. In her defense, Kim Kardashian didn’t attend because Paris didn’t invite her. Why? Why else.

She didn’t want Kim on the red carpet stealing her thunder,” says a pal.”

Too bad nobody cares enough about this whore to come to her party, because it sounded like the event of the year:

…After downing TY KU liquor and bottles of Dom Perignon, guests reported seeing Hilton play with a monkey while a band of midgets led a pack of goats around the room.”

Ironically, the only celebrity that showed up was Ludacris. In the middle of Black History Month. Less than a month after Paris was seen on video calling people “niggers”. I’m not a rapper, but if I was, I’d take offense to something like that. I might even pull out a gun then blame it on my bodyguard, you know, because I’d probably have warrants.