American Idol Wannabes are Potty Trained

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Some people watch American Idol because they care about who wins. I watch because I like to watch people get humiliated. Especially the ones who love themselves a little too much – specifically this season’s Antonella Barba (pictured @ 20 years old). No one was more relieved than me when her “…we’re best friends… best friends… we’ll always be best friends… omg, best friends…” best friend got the boot, but we’re still stuck with this one. If your introduction video prior to your televised audition shows the world all you are is a rich, stuck up brat and is chock full of you staring at your reflection, being a fashion victim and asking your best friend if you have lipstick on your teeth and if your hair looks good, then your chances of scoring the Aiken, Clarkson, Studdard (fought the busy signal hard and out of sheer principle) votes are slim to none. You’d have more luck catching a naked, Vaseline covered crackhead. Better luck next time, Summer Wheatly.