Charlize Theron Might Be Anna Nicole Smith

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With Anna Nicole Smith’s body not even in the ground yet, Hollywood is already planning a film biopic about her life. Their choice to play the ex-stripper from Texas with five possible baby daddies? Flat-chested South African Charlize Theron.

You couldn’t make up a life story like Anna’s. Studios are falling over themselves to pay tribute to an incredible woman. There are a number of actresses earmarked to play Anna, with Charlize the favorite.”

Um, I’m just going to raise my hand here and say this is probably a bad idea. Anna Nicole Smith was one step away on the mental ladder from having to wear floaties in the bathtub or being walked on a leash. Let’s not pretend that just because she died she’s Seabiscuit all of a sudden. So, do you really need to hire an Oscar winner to stumble around and slur incoherently for two hours? Probably not. You’d be better off putting a blonde wig on a manatee.

Charlize Theron as Marilyn Monroe: