More Sex, More Drugs, More Anna Nicole

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A Bahamian newspaper published these photos today which feature Anna Nicole Smith and the Bahamian immigration minister, Shane Gibson (whose mother is currently caring for Anna’s 5 month old daughter, Dannielynn). This is the guy who signed and approved Anna’s application for permanent residency in the Bahamas, and people are claiming their relationship was sexual. And who can blame the guy? Trading sex for a signature is a pretty good deal. There’s really nothing you can give the guy he doesn’t already have, except for more coconuts, whiter sand and sluttier Americans.

Source: TMZ

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This photo, courtesy of TMZ, is a picture taken of Anna Nicole’s fridge in the Bahamas. TMZ describes the contents as follows:

The refrigerator, which was inside Anna Nicole’s bedroom in the Bahamas, contained methadone (5 mg per 5 ml). The small refrigerator contained cans of Slim-Fast — ironic, since Smith was TRIMSPA’s spokesperson. Several bottles of TRIMSPA sat right next to the fridge. The fridge also contained Miracle 2000 (marketed as a nutritional supplement for “today’s active lifestyle”), French’s Worcestershire Sauce, yogurt and spray butter. It also appears there are vials of injectable medicines.”

Clearly Anna Nicole was against ingesting anything which required chewing. And that’s understandable because chewing is hard, and time consuming. Like my porn director always said, “Don’t worry about it being small enough to swallow, just do it.” Dad was a very wise man.

Source: TMZ

It must have been hard for Howard to squeeze out that one tear. He should have rubbed a couple onions in his eyeballs before the interview. Howie, we know you “want her to be with Daniel.” Why else would you help her abuse the very drug which caused his death? You could be wearing a hat which says “$$$$ Anna’s Dead $$$$” with plush hands and a pull string which makes them clap, and you’d still be less obvious.