Not Anna News

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Naomi Watts is pregnant. A source says: “This wasn’t planned but they are thrilled. They will probably marry before the baby is born.” Wait, nobody said anything about getting married. Look, we were drunk, Okay? Hey bitch, you’re not gonna trap me!

Supermodel Elle McPherson has revealed she hasn’t has sex in two years. She says she’s flirts with guys but it never seems to work. Um, not to overstate the obvious here, but she should probably stop hitting on gay guys. Take it from me girl, they’re just a bunch of little teases.

Nicole Richie is reportedly terrified that she might go to prison if convicted of her December 11th DUI. To be fair, she’s 85 pounds, so if I was her, I’d be scared too. It would suck constantly wondering if you’re gonna be used as a shank or a tampon.

Kevin Costner and his wife and expecting a baby. At his junior high graduation, Costner’s new baby said, “Hey dad…dad…dad! Jesus, can somebody change his diaper please?”