Britney Spears is Lovin’ It

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Described as “partying like a college girl looking to get laid,” Britney Spears proved to all her fans that she’s committed to turning her life around by getting sloppy drunk Tuesday night at the Manhattan clubs, Marquee and Tenjune. Page Six reports:

…she was dancing with her girlfriends and “demanded all alcohol be kept far away from her.” But other witnesses weren’t buying that. “She must have been drinking secretly in the bathroom,” said one. “Because she was falling all over the place. She was also chomping on lollipops from the bathroom all night. And she didn’t leave any money for the bathroom attendant.” Spears’ wild night continued at club Tenjune, where she was seen arriving at 2:30 a.m. with a group of friends. “Britney was completely hammered,” said a witness. Again, the tank top-clad party girl asked that no alcohol be put on the table – but clubgoers saw her dancing on the banquettes and “drinking what looked like vodka and O.J.” A source told Page Six that one of the people who followed her from Marquee to Tenjune (described as “a scruffy-looking guy”) was “hitting on her all night, but she wouldn’t even look at him.” Then a model guy came to her table and she started making out with him.” Spears ended her night with a visit to McDonald’s.”

Jesus, does everything end up with Britney going to McDonald’s? She’s there more than a 5 year old or Grimace. And Grimace lives there. He must be sick of her. I mean, how many times does the cashier have to tell her that the McRib doesn’t come with marshmallows?