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Splash News has people waiting with bated breath to see the video of Anna’s already dead body having CPR administered. We’ll update as soon as it’s live (the video, not the body) because you’re into that stuff, sickos.

Update on the video: Splash News just updated with the following:

Due to a licensing agreement we cant show you the video till Tuesday morning due, not that anyone would want to see it of course. ;)”

And they seriously put that stupid winky emoticon at the end.

This is allegedly the last photo taken of Anna not long before she was found dead. (Click for the larger version.)

Here’s an email Jayson sent us about the above picture: “I am almost positive that the picture with the tattoo is not a photo of her from very recent. I believe that this is a photo of her from the Samuel Peter-James Toney fight that took place at the Seminole Hard Rock on January 6. I was there that night and the Sun-Sentinel sign is a clear sign in the arena. I am also fairly certain they do not open the arena and make it accessible during the day when no event is taking place. Correct location, wrong day. She did look high as a kite that night though and was using assistance to walk around and try to meet people such as Don King.” Thanks Jayson, baby (But if you could attach a picture of your penis next time, that would really help a lot. )

Update: We’re getting a bunch of emails about the photo below which people are claiming is Anna Nicole collapsing at the Hard Rock. This is an old photo of her getting herself wet during wet t-shirt contest at a Myrtle Beach nightclub. She died in her hotel room, not clad in wristbands and floundering on a marble floor.

Note: She’s also missing the tattoo on her back in the flounder photo. She had that done after her son’s death.

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Druggedupdate: “(CBS) LOS ANGELES CBS 2 has learned that while searching Anna Nicole Smith’s hotel room late Thursday afternoon investigators found two key pieces of evidence — illegal narcotics and prescription medications. Now, a toxicology report will determine whether one of these drugs or a combination of both substances contributed to her death. An autopsy is scheduled for Friday morning in Fort Lauderdale, Fla.” Via WCBS-TV