Beyonce is a Wonderful Person

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Now that the promotional push for Dreamgirls is over (without Beyonce getting an Oscar nod), the singer has now turned her attention to promoting her latest album, B-Day. But despite being one of the highest paid women in Hollywood, Beyonce doesn’t feel the need to spend money on the people who help make her rich and famous.

[Beyonce]is forcing her back-up dancers to pay for their own flights from New York to L.A. for rehearsals for upcoming tours and videos. Our source added that the struggling performers were asked to “work this week for a measly $400 per video.” The insider also said that Beyonce’s dancers wouldn’t put up a fight about it for fear they would lose their gigs. “They were told that they couldn’t call their agents and that if they didn’t agree, they would not be hired.”

There are so many stories about Beyonce being a bitch that they’re hard to even argue anymore. At this point, they’re almost show business legend. Like me not being cast as James Bond because I was “too suave.”