Hollywood is Full of Assholes

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Page Six reveals how much fun it is to deal with the talent with a report detailing incidents on three separate movie sets. On the set of Rush Hour 3, Chris Tucker is demanding script changes and pouts in his trailer until they’ve been made. A source says:

He won’t come out of his trailer until the script is up to his standards,” giggled one spy on the set in Santa Ana. “What, $25 million isn’t enough to just do your job and act?”

Brett Ratner, Rush Hour 3‘s degenerate director, spends most of the day trying to get laid:

…horndog director Brett Ratner “sends an assistant named Scott around to every female extra, collecting phone numbers in a too obvious, not-so-suave way,” the source said. “Scott commands these $150-a-day actress-hopefuls to give him their phone numbers simply because ‘the director wants it.'”

As she does on every film set, Lindsay Lohan is about the drama:

…ever since she went to the Wonderland clinic, she’s been “moody and is making everyone miserable around her. She’ll be late and sometimes won’t come out of her trailer.” Lohan is being trailed by a “sober coach” as well as an entourage.”

And of course Paris Hilton is always late and can’t remember her lines while filming, The Hottie and the Nottie. Why would she?

Everyone is really fed up with her right now.”

40 years ago, Alfred Hitchcock considered actors nothing more than living props, only there to do what they were told. Now, everybody’s a diva. Only in Hollywood is the type of behavior tolerated. Just try showing up to work tomorrow an hour late, drunk, then refusing to work because that hussy Meighan from Project Management didn’t buy the raisin bagels that you specifically asked for twice. Chances are you’d be dragged in the street and stoned.

Paris Hilton on the set of The Hottie and the Nottie: