Vanessa Minnillo is Huffy

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NY Daily News is reporting that when a Jessica Simpson look-a-like tried to give Nick her phone number at Plumm Wednesday night, that didn’t make Vanessa what you would normally call “pleased”:

Minnillo started yelling, “We have to talk!” before leaving the club in a huff, says our spywitness. Lachey followed, opening the door of a cab for his miffed gal pal, who ignored him and hopped into another.”

I don’t know why Vanessa got so mad. The story said “Jessica Simpson look-a-like,” so that could’ve been either a blonde girl with a flat ass, big nose and buck teeth or a female impersonator. Not real good odds.

Minnillo and Lachey at a Lakers game:

Simpson and Mayer in Jacksonville, Florida: