Diddy is Real Careful

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After meeting at the Golden Globes two weeks ago, Diddy and Sienna Miller have been seen together at clubs in Park City and New York all over each other. Sunday morning, paparazzi caught Diddy going inside Miller’s NYC apartment and leaving 45 minutes later (awww yeah), only to have Diddy come over and try to explain. Page Six reports Diddy got better results the previous night:

Page Six has learned that a Saturday night clubgoer at Crobar tried to take a photo of Combs and Miller dancing together…”After the girl took the photo, Diddy didn’t say or do anything,” a witness said. “By the time he was 20 feet away, one of the security guys handed the camera to the bouncer, the bouncer handed it to the girl, and the memory card was gone…Diddy obviously doesn’t want photos taken of him with Sienna.”

Gee, I wonder why Diddy would be trying so hard to cover up his blossoming romance with Sienna Miller? Oh, I know, it’s because Kim Porter, Diddy’s girlfriend, is sitting at home with his newborn twins. When asked how she felt, Kim Porter started making sounds like a cash register.

Sienna partying without pants at a Factory Girl premiere afterpary: