Even More of Paris Hilton’s Crap

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There’s a line I’m not supposed to cross which would normally prevent me from doing posts like this, but I looked for the line and couldn’t find it. That’s because this is Paris Hilton (a.k.a. Amber Taylor) we’re talking about and there are no moral or ethical boundaries where she’s concerned. At this point Paris Hilton could cover herself in a candy coating, shove a 10 foot stick up her ass, call herself a heaven flavored lollipop and smart people still wouldn’t lick her. All of her STDs could band together and turn her into a giant, mutant mold spore and the dumb people will still have sex with her. Why? Because they’re dumb. Duh!

Thanks to Mark for sending these in!

Update: Here are a couple videos that finally uploaded featuring such great hits as, “We’re like two niggers,” and “I get fucked in the butt for coke!” Enjoy.

Update II: Aaand even more crap thanks to Sarah and Brian via email. Here’s Paris smoking pot, asking someone for “E” (ecstasy) and referring to an Asian guy at the party as “The Chink.” Bon appetit.

Source: ParisExposed.com

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