Victoria Beckham is Too Cheap

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Although she and her husband are best friends with Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, friends say Victoria Beckham has no intentions of becoming a Scientologist. Victoria recently told a friend, “There’s no way I’d spend any money on that nonsense.” Her friend elaborates:

It’s completely laughable that there’s even talk of her becoming a Scientologist. Just because people are friends with someone doesn’t mean they do everything they do. Scientology is like kabbala in that it’s become all about money. Kabbala bracelets are now $28! It’s a joke…Scientology is an expensive religion; Victoria is too cheap to convert.”

You’d think she is being sarcastic with the $250 million her husband is about to make, but this is just Posh trying to be nice. It’s not too expensive, it’s just too crazy. Scientology would make more sense if it was based on Pokemon or your cat’s dreams.