Jared Leto is a Tough Guy

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While at Sundance, Jared Leto was kicked out of Harry O’s Tao in Park City. While the other patrons were there to see Hasidic hip-hop artist, Matisyahu, Leto was busy being a pompous ass. Page Six reports:

…Leto unsuccessfully tried chatting up Michelle Smith…then began bumping into people in the crowded venue as he headed back to his table. When a fellow patron told Leto to “relax,” Leto grabbed a liquor bottle and held it above the guy’s head. Spies said when bouncers asked Leto to leave, he responded by holding up a beer bottle as he was led out.”

Um, Jared Leto is four feet tall and wears eyeliner, so I’m a little confused why the bouncers didn’t just put him in timeout. Because you know it wouldn’t take much for this little emo to cry. They could’ve just read him a scary story about monsters under his bed or told him Santa wasn’t real.

Jared and his band, 30 Seconds to Mars: