Nicole Kidman Got a Boo Boo

Nicole Kidman and seven others, including actors, crew members, and stuntmen, were taken to a Los Angeles hospital today after the car they were riding in hit a light pole while shooting a scene from the upcoming film, The Invasion.

[Los Angeles police spokesperson Karen Smith] said all eight people were released from the hospital and did not suffer major injuries. The Los Angeles Police Department will likely conduct a routine traffic accident investigation into the crash, which occurred while a stunt driver was at the wheel of the car.”

This is why so many people quit acting, it’s just too dangerous. Slightly bumping into a light pole then getting a thirty car police escort to the hospital just isn’t worth it. You might even have to actually wait two or three minutes before all the people in the emergency room with real injuries get pushed down the list so you won’t have to wait. Think about it, don’t risk your life!

Thanks, Shawn, for the heads up!