Jennifer Lopez is Desperate

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Jennifer Lopez has reportedly turned her back on her Roman Catholic faith and has finally embraced Scientology. Supposedly, the conversion comes, not from a spiritual awakening, but rather for a desire to revive her dormant career. Two of her childhood mentors, both Catholic, have pretty much the same thing to say:

I question how much true faith she has in this religion,” says Deacon Dhoel Canals of Holy Family Catholic Church and Grammar School in Castle Hill, which boasts J.Lo as its most celebrated alumna.”She has done absolutely nothing for the community or the school that are part of her background. I feel the school is largely responsible for her success.”…He said that the only time Lopez, who owns a home on Long Island, returned to the campus was to use it as a backdrop for a TV segment with Diane Sawyer.”

Perhaps her background is not important to her,” says Sister Lucille Coldrick, principal of her old school, Preston High in Throgs Neck, where she graduated in 1987″…It is no coincidence that Coldrick also has abandoned hope of Lopez ever visiting Preston High – whose motto is “Virtue is a thousand shields” – to address the students. She has lost count of the number of times she has invited the star to deliver an inspirational speech, only to have her requests fall on deaf ears.”

Most of Hollywood is an empty, soulless void, so yeah, this makes sense. Scientology isn’t a religion, it’s a fad. It’s what failed actors do instead of waiting tables or parking cars. Lopez hasn’t been relevant in about six years, so she’d probably do anything about now. Like believing that aliens possess her body and spaceships in volcanoes. Jennifer Lopez would drown an orphan if she thought it would get her on the cover of a magazine.