Leonardo DiCaprio Might Be Single Soon

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Leonardo DiCaprio, 32, and his girlfriend of almost a year, Israeli model Bar Rafaeli, 21, might be breaking up after several witnesses overheard the couple having a “furious” phone argument at a London nightclub Sunday night.

British newspaper the Daily Mirror reports the 32-year-old told Rafaeli, “I’ve had enough of this,” as he sat at his table at the Aura nightspot. A source adds, “His friends were having a good time but Leo just sat there looking really glum and texting all night. “Then Leo’s phone rang and he started having this heated conversation.”

I don’t know what level of pimp you have to be to break up with an international model over the phone, but it may have something to do with being one of the best actors in Hollywood. That’s all he’s ever gonna date is models. Leonardo spent five years with Gisele Bundchen, regular women have no chance. A line of naked cheerleaders could be waiting their turn outside his bedroom and he’d just check his watch to make sure he’s not missing American Idol.

Bar Rafaeli:

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