Jamie Foxx is Two-Face?

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In the latest casting news for the upcoming Batman Begins sequel, The Dark Knight, it appears that Jamie Foxx is now considered the front runner to play District Attorney Harvey Dent and the sulfuric acid scarred villian, Two-Face.

I’ve heard three names — let’s say “more than once” — and here they are: Eion Bailey, Edward Norton, and Jamie Foxx…Alright, Jamie Foxx. Not a “conventional” choice for Dent per se, but he is an Oscar winner (for RAY) and a pretty big “name.” This would meet the “aiming high” talk that’s been going around…”

Uh, Eion Bailey sounds like a British car and Edward Norton says this is the first he’s heard of this, so it looks like it’s going to be Foxx. Everyone in Hollywood with a penis has been mentioned with this role, so Foxx may not be the best choice here. He’s such a diva he’s basically a woman. I promise you, Batman being called to the airport because Two-Face refuses to fly coach won’t be as exciting as it sounds.

Jamie Foxx at the Dreamgirls premiere: