Vanessa Minnillo is Secure

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Vanessa Minnillo reportedly became “enraged” when Nick Lachey was approached by a group of models who wanted to meet and take pictures with the singer on Tuesday night at Retox Rock Bar. According to witnesses, Minnillo may have forgotten to take her medication:

She told security to move the models back.” The spy says Minnillo forced Lachey to “sit at a table of only guys.” After a few glasses of champagne, she started blowing kisses to Lachey – who was “rolling his eyes,” and talking football with USC linebacker Brian Cushing.”

Nick Lachey is a buff dude and all, but it’s widely rumored that he’s hung like a squirrel, so I’m not really sure what Vanessa is getting all in a huff over. Not to brag, but they didn’t use his penis to prove the Dodge Ram 3500 has the most towing capacity of any full-sized pickup, did they? Well, did they?! No, they didn’t. Good day to you sir.