Dina Lohan is Slutty, Too

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Let’s be honest, if Lindsay Lohan was never born, we really wouldn’t have much to write about. So, I guess Dina Lohan could be considered a hero. She could also be considered a whore, like her daughter. Page Six reports:

Dina, spotted in a “really short dress and boots,” made some fellow diners at Kobe Club lose their appetites Wednesday night. A guy sitting next to Dina was “all over her,” we’re told. “Dina had a napkin in her lap and hiked up her dress,” our source says. “The guy put his hand under her napkin . . . It went on for like five minutes.” After the guy realized he was being watched, he stopped whatever it was he was doing. A rep for Dina said, “That’s a disgusting lie and it’s completely untrue.”

Dina Lohan is technically Lindsay Lohan’s mother, but whatever maternal instincts she may have had were traded in for fame and money a long time ago. Dina wants to be Lindsay’s BFF so she can party with her instead of providing any type of parental guidance. And we’ve all seen the results of her genes and influence on our poor Lindsay. Red hair, freckles, alcoholism and the need to put more meat in her mouth than Kobayashi. Nice work, Dina.

Correction: These pictures are dated December 30th and she’s in Miami:

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