Britney is Still Not Home

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Britney Spears has a new boyfriend. He calls himself a “model,” his name is Isaac “Eyezik” Cohen and he’s almost as big a doofus as K-Fed.

…the 25-year-old male model has taken down his personal MySpace profile – but not before a revealing screenshot of the page was captured. Referring to himself as “Eyezik” and vowing “This is my year!” the Encino, Calif., resident’s deleted page cited his interests as “duuurtt bikes, 4 Wheelin’, kung fu flicks, rappin’, slappin’, tappin'” and facetiously names the Bible as his favorite book, claiming to have used pages of Leviticus 4:20 to roll “sweet, sweet chiba” joints.”

In Britney’s defense, a lot of people prefer not to date people who are smarter than them and it’s almost commendable that she was able to find someone (again) who fits that profile because you know that was difficult. Well, “smarter than” was a bad choice of words. Maybe I should have used “not as retarded as,” or “less dumb,” or “beep” or “fart.”

Here are Britney and K-Fed Lite on a yacht earlier this month:

Note: The picture at the top of the post is Britney (and Eyezit) with full makeup and hair extensions at the grand opening of Sideways restaurant on January 11th.