Paris Hilton is Being Sued

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A week after firing Paris Hilton for being Paris Hilton, Club Paris owner, Fred Khalilian, has been ordered by the courts to give a videotaped deposition in an unrelated lawsuit against the hotel heiress. Paris is due in court February 5th where she is being sued for libel and $10 million by model/actress/producer, Zeta Graff. Paris told the press that Graff attacked Paris at a “London nightclub and tried to rip off Hilton’s $4 million necklace.” Graff claims the story was fabricated. Khalilian says:

I was served to give a deposition concerning the Zeta Graff, Paris Hilton Case. I am really not playing a role in this. I guess this about one person who has a problem with another person and they are going to ask me about certain things and I am just going to go up there and tell the truth and nothing but the truth.”

This sounds all democratic, but it’s just another way of him saying that he’s going to rip Paris a new one. Last week, the same guy had this to say:

The problem is when she is done with you, she chews you and spits you out. When she is done with you’re out. The people around her get so star struck because she is so powerful presentation wise.”

No one should feel sorry for this guy because anybody who hires this idiot deserves everything they get. You’d be better off hiring a circus monkey or a coffee pot. They at least know how to actually do something. Unless science discovers a way to make diamonds from self-esteem and herpes, I’m not sure what this whore is good for.

Paris on January 9th: