Paris Hilton is Useless

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When her new Bentley ran out of gas in Beverly Hills on her way back from Dream Catcher salon, Paris Hilton did what any body else would do, she sat there and looked at her scrapbook until the paparazzi got tired of waiting and went to go get her gas.

Hilton…spent the unexpected down-time flipping through a scrapbook of her and her current flame, Stavros Niarchos. One page featured a pic of her and the Greek heir titled “The First Time” – whatever that means.”

This really is all you need to know about Paris Hilton. She is so delusional and removed from reality that when real life happens, all she can do is sit there and look at her picture book. She might also rock back and forth and tug on her ear, because this idiot has no clue how to do anything. She probably thinks cars run on happiness and rainbows.

Paris and Kim Kadashian at Club Social on Jan 3rd: