Britney Doesn’t Get Paid to Pass Out

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Britney was scheduled to earn $400,000 for her New Year’s Eve appearance at the Las Vegas nightclub, Pure, but sources say the club may not pay her at all after she fell and voided her contract. New York Daily News reports:

Britney failed to spend the agreed amount of time in the club, because she had to be helped out after collapsing,” alleges a close source. The tipster also says the club is “furious” with her because of her PR spin that she merely fell asleep – implying the place is boring.”

Britney has been partying since Thanksgiving, yet when someone pays her to get drunk and act stupid she finds a way to fuck it up. She’s like one of the X-Men, and her mutant power is being retarded.

Britney driving in Santa Monica listening to her own music: