Nicole Richie is an Idiot

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Clearly learning to accept responsibilities for her actions this year, Nicole Richie has hired a shaman to perform a $1,000 spiritual cleansing of her West Hollywood apartment because she’s convinced that someone in her social circle has hexed her. The shaman spent two hours in the apartment chanting and burning sage. A friend says:

She’s very superstitious and believes in this stuff. It’s a very personal thing for Nicole. Nicole believes in curses but would never put one on anyone, not even her worst enemy.”

Yeah, that’s what happened. Someone cursed you. It couldn’t possibly be that you are responsible for all the dumb shit you did this year. It’s easier to believe that someone recited ancient words and mixed baby panda hair and bald eagle blood to make sure you had a bad year than it is to believe that you just suck at life. I’m sorry honey, but taking peyote and running naked with deer isn’t going to explain why you feel the need to get high and munch on Vicodin while you drive.

Nicole and hardcore thug Joel Madden on New Year’s Eve: