Evangeline Lilly is Gracious

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Growing tired of the fame and constant attention that she receives from the media and fans of the show, Evangeline Lilly has hinted that she may quit her role as “Kate” in the ABC series Lost.

I am an incredibly private person, and it’s so exhausting to me that everywhere I go people know me or think they know me. If I could act and make the income I make and be anonymous, I would never want to leave the job.”

Awww, darlin’, listen okay? Before Lost you were doing commercials for phone sex, so you should probably just go ahead and shut up, because a thousand other women could take your place as the wet t-shirt on the show right now. I’m sure the single mom who just took out that second mortgage to pay for little Billy’s operation can appreciate just how hard you have it having to wake up in your luxury suite in Hawaii to go play dress up and read somebody else’s words.