Josh Hartnett Has Done It Again

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Despite breaking up last month, Josh Hartnett and Scarlett Johansson seem to be picking up where they left off after they were spotted at TriBeCa restaurant Cercle Rouge on Friday night.

They had a meal and got progressively cozier as the night went on,” said our spy. “Then they started to make out in full view of the restaurant at their table and didn’t really care who saw.”

The following Monday, Hartnett spent his entire solo screening of “Children of Men” at Tribeca Cinemas texting Johansson who had flown back to L.A. He also texted God for helping him get to roll off of Scarlett Johansson again every night. There’s no way this guy could have talked her into this on his own. He’s a dork with a bowl haircut. If he wasn’t famous, the only way he could get women to melt is if he was the Ice Truck Killer.