Nicole Richie is Going to Jail

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Since Nicole Richie pleaded no contest to a DUI charge in 2002, where she blew a .13, a judge must impose a mandatory jail sentence if Richie is convicted of yet another DUI stemming from her latest arrest in which she was pulled over going down the wrong way on the Burbank Freeway.

The law requires a mandatory sentence of five consecutive days in county jail as well as a one year license suspension for anyone twice-convicted of DUI. In addition, Richie would be ordered to attend an alcohol education program for a year-and-a-half, even if the second conviction is not alcohol-related.”

To reiterate, her bony ass is going to jail. All 85 pounds of her. I don’t know what happens to little 85 pound rich girls in jail, but I can take a guess. The thought of her curled up in the fetal position under Lionel Richie’s bed right now makes me happy. Seriously, if I was any more giddy right now I’d be gay.

I was looking for new pictures of Nicole Richie, then I saw these and stopped:


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