Jessica Simpson is Embarrassing

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Less than a week after forgetting the words to her “idol”‘s most popular song, Jessica Simpson is now having trouble remembering her lines on the set of her upcoming movie, Blonde Ambition. A source says:

After the seventh take on one shot, the director hid a microphone in her ear so a crew member could feed her lines. Everyone was embarrassed for her, but she laughed it off, saying ‘I’m sorry, everyone. I’m sorry.”

Poor Jessica. I know it has to be a hard job having to say words written on a piece of paper. It’s almost as hard as thinking up new ways of calling this idiot “dumb.” Go back in time twenty years and she’d be at the playground wearing a football helmet and a leash. She’s stupid. Papa Joe made her millions, not her. I bet when they get home, he puts on Baby Einstein and tells her to draw mommy a picture on the Aqua Doodle mat.

Jessica on the set of Blonde Ambition: