Paris and Nicky Are Creepy

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Paris and Nicky Hilton showed up at a party at the Playboy mansion this weekend and acted like, well, Paris and Nicky. Oh yeah, and they basically made out with each other:

Paris, wearing stockings and suspenders and an animal-print basque, seems to be loving every minute of being captured bottom to bottom with Nicky, 23…In another shot Paris, 25, hugs and kisses her wide-eyed little sis – who is dressed in only a silky slip. Our snapper said: “I know sisters can be a touchy feely but this was taking it to an extreme.”

I have to flinch every time I have to look at them, but somehow these two mutants think they’re hot enough to do stuff like this. I swear, if every disabled kid in America had the self-esteem of these two, the kid down the street in the wheelchair would’ve kicked my ass by now.