Everyone Loves Tom Hanks

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In a survey of 1,003 adults, 4 out of 10 people voted Tom Hanks as their favorite film actor.

Following Hanks’ 44% rating were Robert De Niro, 33%; Julia Roberts, 29%; Will Smith and Sandra Bullock, 27%; and Mel Gibson, 26%.”

On the other hand, what actor did people say that they would rather die in a forest fire than go see? Surprise!

Tom Cruise lead that pack, with 34% saying they would avoid any movie he was in.”

Tom Hanks is our generation’s Jimmy Stewart. He’s likable and can play any role and make it instantly believable. Tom Cruise is functionally retarded. Away from a movie set, he is so completely clueless and insane that I’m not surprised that he isn’t on this site every single day. And please don’t try to tell me Tom Cruise is a big action hero. He’s 3 feet tall. If he was in Lord of the Rings he’d be the hobbit in the high heels.

Other good actors who are better than Tom Cruise:

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