Beyonce is 32. Has Great Hair.

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A rumor came out a few days ago that Beyonce was actually born in 1974, which would make her seven years older than her reported age of 25. Not that it has anything to do with anything other than making her a liar, but you’d think that it would make her old enough to realize that wig glue really isn’t supposed to be seen. George Washington looked better in a wig.

Beyonce with a different wig on in NYC:

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Update: Just to clear things up, Beyonce wears what’s called a “lace front” weave or wig. What made her face wrinkle up there in the banner picture is the support tape used to keep the wig on her head. Here’s a close-up of it from the 2006 AMAs. (I threw in a close-up of her nose hair and upper lip hair just for fun.) – Jenny