Lindsay Lohan is a Classy Bitch

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Next time you’re serving Lindsay Lohan food, be sure to hand her a spittoon.

Lindsay Lohan grossed eyewitnesses at a Hollywood industry bash when she spit out a paw as a waiter passed by with hors d’oeuvres, popped one in her mouth, then shrieked, “This tastes like shit” – and spit it back onto the tray! As eyes rolled, Lindsay Lohan snagged a napkin and daintily patted her mouth as the horrified waiter tossed his napkin over her disgusting spit-out, stalked straight to the kitchen and dumped the contaminated tray.”

Listen, people. If that tray isn’t filled with pills, powder and booze, Lindsay wants nothing of it. Food? What were you thinking? Lindsay, your idol, Patsy Stone, was a character on Absolutely Fabulous, not a real person. And she was much better at this than you are. Take it from someone who went through a phase where she thought she was Yogi Bear and started stealing picnic baskets. This will not end well, my friend. That backstabbing bastard, Booboo, wouldn’t even bail me out!

Lindsay on December 4th: