Britney Doesn’t Want To Be a Mommy

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With all the partying and skanking that Britney Spears has been doing lately, it’s amazing how she can find the time to spend with her two young children. Oh, that’s right, she’s not:

…her mother, Lynne, “is very disturbed and has been trying to get a hold of Britney, but she can’t. Lynne, Britney’s brother, Brian, and her dad, Jamie, are very upset and are trying to stage an intervention with [Spears’ manager] Larry Rudolph’s help.”…Three different times, Britney has checked into L.A. hotels like the Viceroy with Hilton, rather than go home to her sons, who are presumably being watched by her mother. Us Weekly reports that father Jamie recently had a stern talk with his Britney. The magazine notes, “He was not happy with her antics . . . He told her that she’s a grown woman and needs to act like one, and she’s been making bad decisions.”

Those recent “bad decisions’ have also caught the eye of the Los Angeles Department of Children & Family Services:

The department has been calling Britney trying to set up a meeting with her, so they can check on [Spears’ baby sons Sean Preston and Jaden James]. The calls started after this recent bout of bizarre public behavior.”

Well, it’s about time. This hillbilly shouldn’t be allowed to babysit a stuffed animal, much less care for two kids. I’m surprised Sean Preston hasn’t said “fuck it” and crawled into the street yet. The police could bring him and Jaden James home after finding them at the bus stop and all Britney would say is, “Oh, shoot fire! What are ya’ll lil’ heathens a’dun now?”