Kendra Jade Says She Didn’t Do K-Fed

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On her official website, Kendra Jade has responded to reports that she had sex with Kevin Federline while he was married to Britney Spears. She says:

I’m disheartened by reputable news outlets, such as CNN, MSNBC and Fox News. I expect real journalists to have the integrity and ethics to verify facts and contact all parties involved before running stories like this. For the record, Kevin Federline and I share the same circle of friends, so it is inevitable that I know him. Perhaps it is my previous career that makes people want to find something salacious there.”

Kendra, you’re right. It would be ludicrous for us to think that somebody who broke the record for the most anal sex in one day (yes, she did) would ever have sex with a married guy. Especially when somebody in your “circle of friends” leaked the story in the first place. I’m not calling you a whore, but if I met you on the street, I’d probably ask you if could break a twenty.

Britney partying (with panties this time, sorta) at Mr. Chows on her birthday: