Jessica Simpson is For Sale

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An extra in the movie, Employee of the Month, is selling a piece of chewed gum by Jessica Simpson she gave to him on eBay. The guy claims Simpson gave him the gum before doing a kissing scene with co-star, Dane Cook. He says:

Yes, I was an extra in the movie starring Jessica Simpson & sat next to her for 2 days of filming in Albuquerque NM. There were 5 of us at the employee party scene table. I’m seen in the film right next to Jessica & Dane Cook when they get together to kiss. Jessica was chewing gum when shooting started, & asked if we would mind her putting her gum in the napkin on the table….I will write a letter stating its’ authenticity & I’ll tell a bit of film gossip to the winner also. I forgot I had this, but glad I found it. It was in her mouth so it has her DNA on it & you can clone her :-)”

As of right this moment, the bid is up to $127.50 for Jessica Simpson’s DNA. Depending on who you are, you’re either laughing or checking your wallet. Too bad, this gum didn’t belong to Keeley Hazell or Aria Giovanni. At least you’d know what you’d be getting. With a Jessica clone, not so much. It may come out with huge boobs, or it may come out with a penis. You could mix sheep and fly DNA and it would end up looking more natural than the real Jessica Simpson.

Jessica on November 29th in Shreveport: