Lindsay Lohan is Pathetic

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Lindsay Lohan wasn’t having it when a flock of paparazzi abruptly abandoned her in Malibu to chase down Britney Spears and Paris Hilton as they drove by the trendy Madison clothing store where Lohan was shopping. An eyewitness said:

All the photographers just took off running after Britney and Paris. And you could see Lindsay pop her head out of the shop and start looking around like, ‘What the hell just happened?'”

Not able to leave it alone, Lindsay Lohan drove around Hollywood blasting Kevin Federline’s CD from her car. Wednesday night, she pulled up behind Britney and Paris at Teddy’s and purposely cranked up the volume, making sure the paparazzi could see.

Then she had the nerve to come inside the club and try to hang out with Britney and Paris,” our insider said. “But the duo gave her the cold shoulder until she removed herself from their VIP table.” Later in the evening, friends said Lindsay was singing Kevin’s praises as an artist an actually said she thought he was so sexy, she wouldn’t mind “hooking up with him,” sometime. The rumor got back to Britney, who could only roll her eyes at the news. “Take him,” she told the table of friends. “Tell her please, seriously, take him!”

Lindsay is so desperate for attention, the idiot went out with Britney and Paris this morning at 5 a.m. just to get her share of camera time. Meaning, these three skanks were in a car at the same time, and what, they weren’t in an “accidental” head on collision? I mean I would, but I’m in between insurance companies so…

Source/More images at x17online