Pamela Anderson is Divorcing Kid Rock

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TMZ is reporting that after just three months of marriage, Pamela Anderson has filed for divorce from Kid Rock citing irreconcilable differences according to her lawyer, Neal Hersh. Apparently they didn’t disagree about getting divorced:

It looks like there was a rush to the courthouse. Kid Rock also filed divorce papers this morning, 53 minutes before her docs were stamped by the clerk…The process server for Kid was at the courthouse when it opened at 8:30 AM and filed five minutes later.”

Take away their millions, and they’d be sitting in the back of a police car in a trailer park instead of talking through lawyers. Pamela Anderson is a diseased tramp and Kid Rock is rapping white boy. All that’s missing here is food stamps and a meth lab.

Here they are together and “in love” for next month’s GQ: