Keira Knightley is Engaged

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Keira Knightley and actor Rupert Friend are engaged and will be married in an Italian castle next year. The news broke at a Lindsay Lohan party Friday night where Keira couldn’t seem to shut up about it. A source says:

She looked radiant and seemed to want the world to know that she and Rupert had got engaged. She was kissing and cuddling him all night. They were with six friends and were obviously in a celebratory mood after getting through five bottles of Dom Perignon. Keira couldn’t stop giggling. She even told the waiter: ‘Please get my husband a drink.’ Even her girlfriends referred to him as her future husband.”

Even after five bottles of Dom Perignon, Rupert Friend would still look like a homeless meth addict, so yeah, congratulations. I guess this means I won’t be sending Keira any more letters. Okay, I will, but I’m not spraying cologne on them or delivering by dove from now on. Don’t even bother crawling back, because I’ve moved on, sister!

Possibly NSFW: