Paris Hilton Pukes in Public

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According to singer Joshua Radin, Paris Hilton threw up on stage while lip syncing in a Las Vegas nightclub recently. Hilton, who was in Vegas at a Jay-Z show, jumped on stage after the rapper’s set. Radin says:

Paris Hilton …was sitting next to me the whole night. Seriously, next to me, like our legs were touching for a good 5 hours…She must have pulled a compact out of her bag every 6 minutes to stare at herself and pose while Jay-Z was performing 18 inches from us…Paris, who had been swilling straight vodka from [a] Grey Goose bottle for hours, gets up on stage, has the people in charge throw her ‘record’ on the house stereo for her to lip sync two of her songs…She gets up on the stage, pukes, leaves…”

The only thing for worse than regular Paris Hilton is a puking Paris Hilton. It’s like a homeless man with dog crap in his teeth. You’d think there would be no possible way for him to be more disgusting, but turns out you were wrong.

Paris Hilton, Britney Spears and their hair extensions in Las Vegas on Nov. 19th: