K-Fed is a Huge Success

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Being a rap legend isn’t just about being shot or going to prison, it’s also about blowing all your money. Since he’s now lost his only source of income, K-Fed is now a baller on a budget. Page Six reports:

Instead of flying to Miami, Fed-ex arrived in a bus – along with six friends. On Tuesday, they went on a “shopping trip” on Lincoln Road but “didn’t buy anything” and then had dinner at “cheap” Oriente at Cardozo on Ocean Drive before stopping by club Mansion, where everything was comped.”

No word on how much K-Fed got for giving blood or the bag of empty cans, but it’s good to finally see this idiot suffer. A week ago, he was fully content to blow every dime of Britney’s money, now he’s writing lyrics by a bonfire. Once his album goes gold in 50 years he’ll be on easy street, but until then, he needs to go ahead and learn how much Armor All I like on my tires.

K-Fed in Miami on November 15th: