Screech’s Sex Tape Has a Trailer

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Red Light District, the distributor of Screech’s sex tape, “Screeched,” has put up a trailer on their site here. This is a trailer for a sex tape, so I shouldn’t have to remind you that this is not safe for work. I also shouldn’t have to remind you that this is Screech. And that he has a sex tape with two girls. Screech. Sex tape with two girls. Aren’t you glad you decided to give up your dream of acting to become a substitute teacher? Sure you are!

Watch the trailer here.

Here are unrelated pictures of Kimberly Kardashian (whose dad is one of the lawyers who defended murderer, O.J. Simpson) and Brittny [sic] Gastineau (whose dad is former New York Jet and Rikers Island inmate, Mark Gastineau) at the Helio Drift launch party: