Rachael Ray’s Husband Pays For Saliva

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Jeannine Walz is telling the world that Rachael Ray’s husband, John Cusimano, is a freak and paid her quite a bit of money to perform kinky sex acts during a five year affair. Walz passed a polygraph test and has pictures with Cusimano.

Walz alleges that the 39-year-old lawyer and musician shelled out cash for her to spit in his face, rub her bare feet on his face and other gamy rituals. The 30-year-old Florida woman contends that they met outside a lesbian bar in New York’s West Village in 2000. That night, she said, Cusimano paid Walz and three friends $20 to spit in his face. “He even took pictures of us doing it,” she tells the tab. Walz said they continued to meet at her apartment and the apartment he shared at the time with Ray, 38. “Sometimes he’d be naked,” she claims. “I always kept my clothes on. “John paid me up to $500 for a session,” she claims. “We’d often have sessions at least twice a month … I virtually supported myself by spitting on him. But there was never any normal sex involved. He once offered to pay me $1,200 to perform a kinky sex act with him, but I refused.” She also alleges, “Sometimes John would buy marijuana or cocaine and we’d use it together.” According to The Enquirer, even after Cusimano married Ray and after Walz moved to Florida, “she often still gets together for her bizarre sessions with Cusimano, she says.”

I’m a Las Vegas native so I’ve known some freaky people. I also have a friend who’s a professional dominatrix and another one who owns an escort service. So this story isn’t surprising to me and on the scale of “perverted and freaky” where 1 is “nasty” and 10 is “downright disgusting,” spitting is about a -1. Besides, I’d rather talk about how annoying Rachael Ray is. The way that hyperactive little bobblehead feels the need to fill every second of 30 Minute Meals with her incessant yapping and “Let ‘er rip”s and “E.V.O.O.”s drives me nuts. Listening to a pack of shivering chihuahuas bark and whine all night is less irritating. I prefer Giada De Laurentiis from Everyday Italian, anyway. Even though she has no less than 1,572 teeth, she’s sexier and her food is better. Plus, she shuts the fuck up once in a while and the sound is turned up to accentuate the sizzling of the food, the sound of her sucking her fingers, swishing the food around in her mouth and moaning with pleasure. Giada’s show is food porn and Rachael’s is birth control.

Rachael Ray and John Cusimano:

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