K-Fed Has it All Under Control

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Page Six is hinting that K-Fed wasn’t completely blindsided by his divorce – he saw it coming. Being the shrewd businessman that he is, he planned accordingly:

Even before the split was announced, Spears told Fed-ex to fly himself to New York and get his own hotel room…even though she was flying here on a private jet to record music. Spears then ordered his phone turned off and credit cards shut down….[while in NY] He and his entourage of eight wannabe rappers showed up at downtown burlesque joint Corio for a comped dinner that would have cost him $1,200… An eyewitness at the next table reports, “He just kept ordering more and more food and then asked for it to be put in containers so he could take the food out to the clubs with him. Then he started putting napkins in the tops of the tequila and vodka bottles and stuck them under his coat trying to sneak the liquor out with him. It was really unbelievable to watch.”

Later, K-Fed looked for quarters in pay phones and put newspaper in his shoe. When asked how it felt to be a big rap star, he said, “You gonna eat that?”

K-Fed in Washington DC on November 11th: