Nicole Richie is Pissed Off

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Nicole Richie is denying that she went underwent gastric bypass surgery, claiming the speculation to be “absurd”. In her recent MySpace blog, Richie singles out Page Six for insinuating she had the operation. She says:

So i gain a little bit of weight, and im acussed of having a gastric bypass surgery reversed? Its pathetic of Page Six to insinuate i have done this. Anyone that knows anything about this surgery would know that legally, you must be AT LEAST 100 pounds overweight to even have the surgery done, and is a serious, life changing procedure; not one to throw around as a joke or a rumor. Ive given a statement I am in the process of putting on weight, and that should be enough. Its a shame to hear that instead of hearing supportive words, someone needs to spin it into some negative, absurd way”

Whoa, slow down there honey. You sound a little too defensive when Page Six didn’t even mention your name. I might get defensive too if little African kids with flies in their eyes felt guilty eating around me two weeks ago. Then after one trip to a clinic I miraculously gained ten pounds. So, if you really want to get mad at something, get mad at this. I’ll fight any 90 pound woman in the world, I ain’t no punk.

Nicole on November 7th: