Brad and Angelina Want Some More

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Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie appear to be shopping for a new baby. The couple were spotted last Friday at the Bharatiya Samaj Seva Kendra family adoption centre in Pune, India visiting the children in the orphanage. Roxana Kalyanvala, the orphanage’s director said:

Brad and Angelina were lovely and genuinely adore kids. Every move and every look of the couple was filled with love for our children and we were floored with their genuine affection.”…While Angelina kissed and hugged the children, Brad got down on the floor with them, rolling on the ground and entertaining them. “He was like a kid himself,” says Aruna Thake, a child development worker at the center. The couple gave the children toys that included dolls, stuffed animals and games. “It was great excitement not only for our kids but for our staff as well,” Kalyanvala says.”

Damn, all that’s missing from their house now is a Klingon. I understand it’s all about the kids, but can’t you find one that doesn’t need a translator? Or one that wasn’t delivered by a witch doctor? It’s nice you’re in India, but they’re never going to let little Mowgli bring along his pet tiger.

Angelina @ the UN Commission for Refugees, New Delhi, India on November 5th: