Eva Longoria Won’t Be Tipping Beyonce’s Velvet

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Eva Longoria and her people would like to clear up those nasty rumors claiming she and Beyonce Knowles are going to pretend to be lesbians in an adaptation of Sarah Waters’ love story, Tipping the Velvet. Eva Longoria told People:

Beyonce and I just did the L’Oreal event a couple of days ago and we were like, ‘What is the deal?'” Longoria tells PEOPLE. “What makes me crazy is that there are quotes out there, quotes from me saying it’s true. But in fact it’s not true. And (there are) quotes of Beyonce saying it’s about time we had a female Brokeback Mountain. And we’re like, we never said that.”

Lawyers for the actress are trying to track down the original source of the rumor, but so far have not been able to locate it, according to the Desperate Housewives star.”

The person(s) who started this “rumor” shouldn’t be worried. Eva’s lawyers were likely paid by her to track you down so they can send you a simple “Thank You” letter for keeping that boring and overexposed pseudo “sex symbol” on the radar. However, I can see how Beyonce should be pissed off. She finally gets some significant Hollywood buzz and she’s supposedly opposite “Longwhoria” from that soon to be cancelled ABC show nobody watches anymore. Beyonce would be much better off just having sex with lesbian horses like they did in that Brokenbark Mountings movie I’ve heard so much about.

Beyonce November 13th on the Radio One show in the UK: