Pamela Anderson Miscarried

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Pamela Anderson has been denying her pregnancy for a couple months, but her rep confirmed yesterday that Pam suffered a miscarriage on the set of her new movie, Blonde and Blonder. US Online reports:

A source tells US that Anderson was not far along, and that the pregnancy was at its early stages. “It is what it is,” says the source. “It was early enough.” The source confirms that the actress did not go to the hospital to be treated, but instead had a doctor come to her to determine the miscarriage. The stress and the pressure of her rigorous filming schedule is believed to have caused the miscarriage. “She will keep trying. She really wants another baby with Bob,” says the source.”

What the hell is Pamela Anderson doing trying to get pregnant and why is she going to try again? She’s almost 40 and she has a deadly disease, Hepatitis C. Three years ago she told Howard Stern, “I’ve got a good five to ten years left. I feel good. Pretty good. But it is deadly.” So she’s just going to try and squeeze another one out before she drops dead and leaves these kids to Tommy Lee and Kid Rock to raise. It’ll be like My Two Dads all over again. Except different. And gayer.

Pam on November 4th:

Pam and Denise Richards on the set of Blonde and Blonder: