Daniel Baldwin Stole a Car

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Daniel Baldwin (the “bad” Baldwin) was arrested yesterday after police caught him driving a car which had been reported stolen.

Baldwin was stopped yesterday by officers who spotted him driving a white Yukon reported stolen in neighboring Orange County. They booked him for investigation of grand theft auto, with bond set at 20-thousand dollars. Authorities in Orange County say the S-U-V belongs to a Baldwin acquaintance but that he didn’t have permission to take it.”

Note to everyone: If Daniel Baldwin is at your house, it’s pretty safe to say he’ll eat all your food, snort any and all things white and take whatever car he wants when he’s ready to leave. But it’s still better having him over than Jesus-freak Stephen Baldwin or pompous activist Alec Baldwin. “Daniel Baldwin robbed me!” just sounds a lot cooler than “Stephen Baldwin said I’m going to Hell.” or “Alec Baldwin made me hug a tree.”