K-Fed Gets Texted

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Above you is the video of K-Ked’s last moments as a happily married man. During his appearance on Much on Demand, where he was guest hosting and telling the world that Britney “believes in what he’s doing” and that she’s his “#1 fan,” K-Fed received a text message informing him that his punk ass was getting divorced. Just like it was with her career, Britney Spears’ timing was impeccable. I’ve never been burned alive and had my ashes launched into outer space then sucked through a black hole, but I imagine that’s how K-Fed feels at this very moment. K-Fed had no idea. One minute he’s sipping Cristal in the VIP room, the next he’s renting a booth at the swap meet to pay for his legal fees.

Britney just hours after the announcement of her divorce: